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A comprehensive resource for any German family history researcher to keep at hand every step of the way. With more than 600 pages of historical articles, photographs and illustrations, census data, publications, archive addresses, charts, tables and German-English translations, once you have it you won't be able to do without it.

Samples of topics included in The German Research Companion (this is not a complete list)

The German Länder (states)

Meyers Orts- und Verkehrslexikon

German occupations/ translations

Common German maile/female given names

State archive addresses

Perpetual calendar for the last two decades

Emigration periods

Ellis Island, Castle Garden timelines

German civil registration dates by area

German government offices

European wars

German military records

Hessian troops in the American Revolution

Parish inventoires

Place-name endings, clues

German-Amricans, numbers in U.S.

Vocabulary for German political subdivisions

How to use German archives

German house-books

Early trades, occupations

Gregorian, Julian calendars

German units inthe American Civil War

German feast days

Topics covered in U.S. censuses

German probate records

German funeral sermons

Early German occupations

German city directories

Emigration ships

Statue of Liberty

German genealogy vocabulary

Occupations, Latin

Treaty of Versailles, provisions

Historical events affecting German genealogy

Use of Du and Sie

Ports of departure

Sister Cities

Der Schlüssel

Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation

German telephone directories

Gazetteers by area

German prisoners of war in the United States

Military church books


Old universities

Passport applications, U.S.

German flag, history of

Family History Library Catalog

German towns over 100,000 populations in 1905

Locality indexes

German government structure

Deutsches biographisches Archiv

Guilds in Germany

Lineage books (Deutsches Geschlechterbuch)

Fraternal organizations

Works Progress Administra­tion projects

“Pennsylvania Dutch”

Soundex code

Turn Verein movement

U. S. libraries

German courts

Non-population scheules

German family relationships

Periodical Source Index


Minerva Handbücher

German-American newspapers

U.S. German-related institutes

Chronology of German history

Early German railway lines

Major rivers of Europe

Berlin Document Center

Passenger departure lists

Jewish archives

Salzburgers to Georgia

U.S. Census abbreviations



German holidays, observances

Religious sects in the U.S., Germany

Zentralstelle für genealogie, Leipzig


German city directories

Shipping lines

Dewey Decimal System for German research

Hamburg passenger lists

Degrees granted by German universities

Query abbreviations

Passport applications

Money conversions

Old German currencies

Regional church archives

Time of day in German

Naming practices


Germans to Russia

Naturalization laws chronology

Travel conditions on emigrant ships

Fahrenheit/Celsius conversions

Müllers Orts abbreviations

Non-political place names

Homestead Act of 1862

Familiengeschichtliche Quelle

Social Security, railroad retirement records

Land area terms

German newspapers

German Mennonites

U.S. Death Master File

Kilometers/miles conversions

County and land records

Germans from Bohemia

Publishers, U. S., German

Alsace-Lorraine research

Births, christenings, guardianship vocabulary

French genealogical terms

Pennsylvania research

German-American clubs

Placing queries in German publications

German medical terminology

Library of Congress

Stadtarchive, addresses of

Gauck Institute

German genealogical symbols


Glossary of land terminology

Lutherans in USA

Cemeteries, funeral directors


Jewish names

Death vocabulary

German language reform

Swiss research

English language “vote”

Church archives

Causes of death

Poland historical dateline

Civil registration

German pietists

German zip codes

Marriages vocabulary

Communicating with Germany

American wars and military actions chronology

Austria chronology

West Prussia, East Prussia

German, Latin abbreviations

Lutheran/Catholic resources

Saints’ name days

German record types

German political subdivisions

German residency records (Melderegister)

Abbreviations on German maps


International Reply Coupons

German-interest periodicals

Rulers chronology

German-interest organizations

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