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What readers said about the first edition of

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"This exhaustive edition is both a heavy-duty research assistant and a bonanza for trackers of German heritage. Not only does the book supply a veritable A to Z of sources for research, but it also provides plenty of well-written German history. Beginning with the basics of Germany's complex past, Riemer progresses with thirty-two informative chapters on such topics as emigration, immigration, archives and repositories, genealogical tools, fraternal organizations, U.S. census, American and German military sources, naming practices, religion, business and trade, cultural institutions, and publishers. It would be difficult to imagine proceeding far in German research without this essential reference work."

-- Julie Helen Otto, NEXUS Features Editor

"One big frustration which plagues every genealogist is where to find much-needed information. An even greater frustration is what to look for once you know where to go. ... Well, if that's been a problem in seeking Germanic forebears, relief from those frustrations has come at last. ... A new book may play a big role in making your German ancestor searching fun and more complete.

"What I'm referring to is Shirley J. Riemer's just-published impressive volume titled The German Research Companion (Sacramento, CA: Lorelei Press, 1997). This is a real 'companion' in every meaning of the word, all 638 pages of information. How anyone planning or already tracing German antecedents can operate without this handy sourcebook is beyond belief."

-- John W. Heisey, AntiqueWeek, June 2, 1997

"Upon receiving this book I checked the excellent index for information on the Alsace-Lorraine region of France, where some of my ancestors were from. This area of land has been traded back and forth between France and Germany over the years. I immediately found a lead on how to order a microfilmed copy of an Alsace immigration index.

"The book contains more than 600 pages and thousands of facts as well as numerous references on where to obtain additional information about he topic you are researching. It is an excellent 'companion' to guide you in your research on both sides of the Atlantic."

-- Tamie Dehler, Special to the Tribune-Star (Terre Haute, Indiana), May 25, 1997

"The German Research Companion is a definite winner! My copy arrived the day before we left on a five-day vacation to the Caribbean. I had already packed two novels but put your book in my carry-on bag along with a note pad, pencils and highlighter. Needless to say, the novels came back home unopened. I had a wonderful time with your book on my flights, on the beach, and as bedtime reading. How did you manage to put together so much terrific information in one awesome book?"

-- Syosset, New York

"I just heard from my cousin that The German Research Companion is a book I must have. Her exact words were that the book was `to die for!!!' High praise from her as she has done German research for many years and is a very qualified researcher."

-- Salem, Oregon

"The German Research Companion is extremely useful. It truly was a labor of love. Thank you for writing it."

-- Columbus, New Jersey

"Yesterday I received a packet from you containing your book, The German Research Companion. The green customs form was signed by you. I will mount the form on the inside cover of your wonderful book because I am so impressed by its contents."

-- Ottawa, Canada

"From only scanning my copy of The German Research Companion, so far I agree that it will be my `Companion.' It is indeed complete; I am online in various genealogical groups and I snickered as I saw so many answers to computer Germanic questions. You may not completely replace the FAQs, but for all the German printed bulletins I have obtained over the years, your effort compiles them (and other information) into one handy reference. Thank you!"

-- Westlake, Ohio

"I ordered one for my cousin as a gift; it arrived and she'll never get THAT one!! IT'S MINE!" [note on an order form for a second copy of the book]

-- Palm Coast, Florida

"Just had a chance to pick up your new book at the Bukovina Society this week, and it is hard to put down. I plan to read every page."

-- Hays, Kansas

"The book arrived yesterday and I spent hours last night checking out that wonderful book. So many helpful items in there, even present-day phone numbers, addresses, etc. Thanks so much I am going to highly recommend that those interested order it."

-- Alexandria, Virginia

"I am absolutely enthused about this fine research tool which, I predict, will become one of the standard works in German research."

-- Horst A. Reschke, Contributing Editor,
Heritage Quest Magazine

"I would just like to compliment you on your book, The German Research Companion, which I have just received. I just love what I have read of the book and wanted you to know."

-- Weaverville, California

"I've paged through this impressive reference work, and I know that I can't fully comprehend the amount of work and time this must have taken to put it all together. Truly a monumental effort. For a family researcher, this book will be a treasure trove of information as well as an invaluable guide to other sources."

-- Aliquippa, Pennsylvania

"Your The German Research Companion is marvelous! You deserve to be proud; it will be interesting (and useful) to anyone who opens it and starts scanning or browsing."

-- Rancho Cordova, California