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Good news for German family historians!

The Letter F  - 11.99 Kinally, the revised second edition of the one-of-a-kind reference book geared especially to the needs of German immigrants' descendants -- The German Research Companion, by Shirley J. Riemer

This thick, comprehensive reference work is jam-packed with German family history research data, concerning the German historical experience, immigration, records, research tools, language aids, and much, much more. (Take a quick look at some of the topics the book covers.)

The German Research Companion is wonder-medicine for combating the discouragement that sets in when researchers of German family history complain, "But I can't read German!" or "There's no place left to look."

First of all, with ownership of The German Research Companion, a lack of familiarity with the German language need no longer be a serious barrier. All German words mentioned in the text of the book are accompanied by English translations.

And secondly, the abundance of German resource tools outlined in this book will very quickly refute the researcher's claim that "there's no place left to look."

The Companion is just that -- the researcher's companion tool. You will definitely pack this book in your research bag every time you take off on a trip to a library or archive.

Perhaps the best way to introduce The German Resource Companion is to compare it with the essential research tools of people in other fields:

  • University students, saddled with frequent writing assignments, by necessity keep an unabridged dictionary and a thesaurus at their desks.
  • News reporters, under continual pressure of deadlines, must keep immediately available a book of facts or a body of computerized data to be used for fact-checking.
  • Reference librarians, to help answer dozens of patrons' questions every day, keep at the reference desk for quick access a number of specific fact books which they find most useful for that purpose.

The German Research Companion is such a tool for the researcher of German family history.